Travel or go home for Christmas?

To be Home for Christmas or to book a Holiday around the world? Christmas is definitely the perfect time of the year to go somewhere and reach new destinations. Have you happened to spend time on Expedia or Tripadvisor in order to get some info about Christmas holidays? Maybe you found the perfect offer, but you are too scared to book and live your adventure because you need to stay home with your family like every year. What can you do? Will you stay home with your family or will you push yourself outside your comfort zone? The true meaning of Christmas is to find yourself and to understand why you are born. If you feel that it is time to explore the world, your family will understand and will always be supportive. So, don’t hesitate and choose your destination!

Spending Christmas far from my family for two years helped us to feel more connected

Life is too short not to be lived. In the last few years, I have had the privilege of spending Christmas both in Germany and England. At first, it was hard. Christmas was the only period I could go back home and visit my family. When I was teenager, I literally hated Christmas because I wanted to be an explorer. When I moved abroad and I started to celebrate Christmas far from my family in Italy, I felt pain. Getting pictures of smiles, laughing, cakes and other stuff was really sad. In that moment, I realised how wonderful families are. Traditions are wonderful. When I finished my tears, I realised that around me, Christmas traditions are everywhere. For example, when I was in England, I spent Christmas in a British family. This experience helped me to learn about their customs and rituals. In other words, I was feeling home without being with my family. In the last few years, I have sometimes had to work over Christmas and I was alone in the city. In any case, I found a way to celebrate in a different way, exploring the places I was and enjoying that day by myself, meditating about what really maters in life and how to achieve my goals.

When I have time, of course I come back in the place where I was born, but I don’t want to go because “it’s Christmas.” Today, thanks to new technologies, it is not so hard to be in contact with the people you love.

Why should you go away for Christmas?

Life is a gift and the most beautiful thing you can wish for at Christmas is to be happy. Whatever you need to do, in that period, try to become a better person through what you really need for this year. Not being home for Christmas helps you to feel more independent and comfortable everywhere and with everyone. The difference with other types of trips and other periods of the year is that travelling alone for Christmas helps you to understand the meaning of empathy and how generous and amazing people can be. I never wanted a lot of gifts: for Christmas I just wanted some good laughs and stories to share around the fire when it is too cold to walk around outside. More than thousands of kilos of lasagna and pasta, for Christmas I wanted to be part of a community and if you look around, you will discover that the world is full of communities. It sounds weird, but not coming back home for Christmas is not as bad as people think. Every place celebrates Christmas in different ways and with different rituals. Having the opportunity to spend time for yourself in a different country is a way to understand how wonderful the world is with its own traditions and rituals. If you spend every Christmas with your family, there is the risk of losing the magic.

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