When leaving for a long trip, take with you the will to not come back anymore

The world is big enough for hosting the dreams of everybody. When I was a child, I just needed to roll my eyes to understand I wanted a life full of journeys and adventures around the planet because we have just one life and it is too short to have regrets. The story of my life is unusual. Since I was a kid, my family told me I shouldn’t have been born because my mum risked dying during the pregnancy. When I was born, the doctor said I was born without a brain and I would die within the following 24 hours. The truth was actually very different: my mum, before giving birth, ate 1 kilo of gnocchi and I had extra blood in my little body. When I was two years old, my parents were scared I still didn’t talk, but in the end, I found the strength to express myself without interruptions. In that period, while my sisters used to sing the rap songs of “Articolo 31” and watch “Beverly Hills 90210,” my first word was probably “communist” and not “mum.” Thanks to my family I lived experiences that a lot of children would have never dreamed of. When I was 5 years old, for example, I already knew I wanted to attend La Sapienza University in Rome; before 6 years old, I was already at the concert of Caparezza; when I was 7, I was listening to the song, “A drunk sings love to the lucky” by the Italian band Bandabardò. When I was 8, I used to help my sister to study philosophy and when I was 9, thanks to the singer Anna Tatangelo, I discovered that “Being a woman doesn’t mean to be dressed in miniskirts.” The unpredictability of my family made me feel special and I think that helped me to face my thousand fears.

Luncheons, losses, inconveniences and intricacies: my life became an episode of Desperate Housewives

Experiences aren’t tangible things, but perceptions and feelings of a lived life. My desire to travel is directly proportional to the madness of my parents. When I was a child, while I was watching FestivalBar and Paola & Chiara were winning with the song “Vamos a Bailar,” my sisters were packing up their Bon Bons Malizia perfumes because one hour earlier, my mother and father decided to go to Sicily in order to spend some time with our uncles. These journeys were pure joy. My parents’ goal was to give us love and to teach us that there is no hate when on the motorways “Salerno – Reggio Calabria – you can share: lasagne, parmigiana and sandwiches filled with dreams and songs. The epoch of the family trips finished when I was 10. Slowly, I put the dreams of a communist child in a lot of boxes full of fears. Money was never enough and my family was always struggling: my teens were full of responsibilities and I used to think that my destiny was to spend the rest of my life in the small village where I was born. Studying was definitely what helped me achieve my goals. As writing has always been my biggest passion, I wanted to become a Journalist and one day publish my Bestsellers and say “I am a writer.” The majority of people I knew considered my passion a hobby and a silly plan of life. When I was 18 years old, it was time for me to make a final decision: either stay home with my family or explore the world and follow my dreams. Like Hercules, the son of Zeus, I always knew my destiny was bigger than a simple life with my family in a small village. For that reason, I decided that it was better for me to leave and become the person I always dreamed of being. I left on a Sunday, when the astrologer, Paolo Fox, said Gemini had positive stars.

Following your dreams is like taking a dip in the ocean

I faced the fear of big changes while I was taking a dip in the ocean and not while I was worrying, which means, I was preoccupying the time, thinking that leaving my family and friends was crazy. In the last 5 years, I’ve travelled a lot. It has been hard to spend just a few days at home and the rest in different countries, but that was my dream. I moved countries twice without Erasmus or a specific project: the help of some friends and the enthusiasm to learn from other cultures was enough to settle in new places like Leewarden in Holland and Middlesbrough in the UK. Moving, I met a lot of people and I have finally understood that I want to explore the world and share passions and ideas. The world is such a big family with a lot of stories, traditions and values that it is important to share in order to destroy all types of prejudices. People move abroad to express braveness, not just because of the crises as the newspapers write.

My home is not in a physical place but in the worlds I choose to describe the reality

I am not the most famous Journalist and writer I wanted to be when I left, but I became an independent, strong man which is the most important goal I could achieve. Listening, discussing and sharing emotions, I realised we all share the same fears and fragilities. Despite everything, I am sure I will always give my best in order to inspire people who want to destroy the useless walls that ideologies built in this society. In all my adventures, I look for the same spontaneity and authenticity I felt during the family trips because when emotions strong, you lived your life completely.

If you are planning to start the most important experience of your life and you are scared of regrets, follow the tip of Irene Grandi, the Italian singer who sings: “When leaving for a long trip, take with you the will to not come back anymore.”

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