Piccolo in the World

Piccolo in the World is the perfect travel blog for adventurers who want to reach incredible destinations.

Each journey begins inside you.

Like with every passion in life, you feel the trip, you imagine it and you develop the motivation to follow it through. People don’t travel to leave someone or somewhere behind, but to become better individuals.

The question is not where you go, but why you go there? Behind every journey there is always a precise reason, a plan and an incredible story to tell. Your reason means more than a thousand pictures because without a purpose, you cannot explore the world and learn from the incredible experience you are living.

If you are planning an adventure, this blog is the perfect place to start. Just remember, the perfect destination is a story to share.

Who is Piccolo?

Piccolo Franco is a passionate traveller and writer.

My aspiration is to inspire and help my readers in order to change their inner worlds for the better. No matter what is going wrong or well in your life, travelling is an incredible way to fight against your fears and accept that anything is possible if you take a risk and enjoy what you are doing. Adventure is out there!